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About Central Elementary

Central Elementary serves students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  The traditional calendar has students beginning in August and ending in June. Our school is proud of our dedication to educating, empowering, and engaging every student everyday! Students have access to innovative instructional resources, a well-stocked media center and Chromebook technology. Our staff is highly qualified and focuses on meeting the needs of each individual student.  Music, physical education, character education and art are all part of the enrichment courses offered as integral parts of the curriculum.  

Central Elementary School

435 E Stadium Dr. 

Eden, NC 27288

Phone: (336) 623-8378

Fax: (336) 623-8405


Student Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Office Hours: 7:15 a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Grades Served: K-5

Mascot: Panther Cub

Colors: Black and Red

Administrative Staff

Interim Principal -Mrs. Wendy Southard

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Laryssa Hairston-Penn






African American




2 or More Races

Our Mission:

Central Elementary School creates a strong foundation for developing and educating lifelong learners who are socially responsible and globally competitive in the 21st century.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Central Elementary is Engage, Educate and Empower EVERY student everyday. 

Our Beliefs:  

We believe that:

  • All children can learn.

  • Planning and time on task increase learning. 

  • Education is the shared responsibility of the school, family, and community.

  • Learning is for the present and for the future.

  • High expectation increases optimal learning.

Our Mission

Letter from the Principal

Schoolwide Discipline Plan

Notice of School Performance Grade


To provide a positive safe learning environment that promotes mutual respect and cooperation, we employee the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) model. We teach students expectations in all areas of the building and help them meet those expectations. Each day our students recite the Panther Cub Pledge (below). CES does follow the RCS Discipline Regulation Guide when students are unable to follow the school expectations. 


PBIS Pledge:  

As a Panther Cub, I will 

  • C- Cooperate

  • U- Use Good Judgement

  • B- Be Responsible and Respectful

  • S- Show Kindness 



  1. verbal warning 

  2. reflection time/conference with the teacher

  3. parent contact

  4. administration intervention 

Central P.T.A.

Central Elementary School has been designated as a low performing school by the North Carolina State Board of Education.  As defined in G.S. 115C-105.37: “The State Board of Education shall identify low-performing schools on an annual basis. Low-performing schools are those that earn an overall school performance grade of D or F and a school growth score of "met expected growth" or "not met expected growth" as defined by G.S. 115C-83.15.”


Central School received a School Performance Grade of D. Although we are committed to improving this score, it is important to remember that just as no one single score or grade tells the whole story of a student, neither does it tell you everything about the performance of a school or the opportunities that our school provides. We work hard to maximize student instruction through various opportunities.


Linked letter is the full letter explaining our School Performance Grade

Parent feedback Parent form

We have an active PTA at Central Elementary, a group of dedicated volunteers who support our school by providing activities and raising funds that help all CES students. 


Have questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to contact us:


Our Role at C.E.S.

The role of the Parent Teacher Association at Central Elementary is to: 

  • Establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, school, and community.

  • Support school improvement teams

  • Promote the finest education possible for the students.

  • Expand technology and supplement equipment and supplies.

  • Increase student safety and security.

  • Develop programs and projects that will support and enrich the curriculum.

  • Raise funds for school supplies and projects that fall outside the school budget.

  • Encourage parent involvement in children's lives, education, class, and school. 

 The PTA does not:

  • Force parent participation.

  • Set policies concerning school programs.

  • Define school curriculum.

  • Control or have access to the school's budget.

  • Set educational goals, testing requirements, or compliance factors.

  • Have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers, or other employees.

  • Endorse political, religious, commercial concerns 


This PTA is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

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